Tuesday, January 18, 2011


If you haven't started to guess from my random postings of food, I'm a serious foodie. Serious. Going out to eat and trying new cuisines, restaurants, etc. is one of my favorite activities. I'm serious ppl, I know that I was obese and died a gluttonous young and happy death in a past lifetime. Anyway, i recently came across this app on my iPhone (also available for droids) called Foodspotting. Basically you can browse delectable pics of meals that users have taken. Instead of browsing menus, you can get right to the point and see all the yummy noms around you.
I joined and plan to start using this (I'm not sure if i can integrate this with tumblr yet)...and for those without an iphone or droid, you can still browse on their website. Let me know if you join and follow me (Cicely Joi).


  1. An app that lets you browse pictures of food that people took? This sounds interesting!

  2. Yeah..so I can look through and say.."Ohh I must try that!" and pick my next eats like that. I don't think they have it for Blackberry though :(